04Shenzhen property market soaring second-hand housing transactions amounted to restart mode after the|Shenzhen property market soaring second-hand housing transactions amounted to restart mode after the7

Shenzhen property market to restart the skyrocketing second-hand housing transactions after the new pattern of the highest – Sohu financing for some temporary data or panic. In the past week (September 12th -9 months 17), the average price of new homes in Shenzhen twice broke through the day of seventy thousand, up to $77231 square meters. However, the impact of the transaction structure is greatly affected by the transaction data, and can not truly reflect the stage of the real estate market. This is the traditional "golden nine silver ten" sales season of the third week, the Shenzhen property market is still in a state of adjustment. Now, the "golden nine silver ten" hot is not fully reflected in the property market data. According to the monitoring data of Shenzhen real letter network show that the past nearly a week, September 12th -9 month 17 days, Shenzhen new home transaction price reached 61087 yuan per square meter, 60225 yuan per square meter than last week rose 1.4%, the total turnover of 376 sets of 16072. Property buyers worried about soaring housing prices in Shenzhen in September 14th and in September 16th single day transaction price. According to the letter of the real network monitoring data, in September 14th the city of Shenzhen sold 31 sets of residential houses, mostly from residential buildings in Nanshan District, pulled up the transaction price to 77231 yuan per square meter; in September 16th, the turnover of 36 sets of residential houses, the average transaction price of 71727 yuan per square meter. It should be noted that the average daily transaction data price volatility is great, the price is affected by the transaction structure. This is the traditional "golden nine silver ten" sales season for third weeks, but bear look bland. In the past two weeks, the volume of new homes rose after the first drop. Shenzhen City Planning Commission data show, 8.29-9.04 days a week, Shenzhen turnover of 708 sets of new homes is higher than that of the first 4 weeks of August were transacted 523 sets. The average transaction price of 70025 yuan / square meters, an increase of 54.5%, weekly average price this year to become the second week stand on the 7 prefix, because last week Nanshan District high-end project turnover ratio increased significantly. Over the same period, Shenzhen Zhongyuan monitoring, a total of 1435 sets of second-hand housing turnover, higher than the average of 6 weeks in July, the average price of 1224 units, the transaction price is still $57684 square meters, an increase of 12.59%. 9.05-9.11 days a week, Shenzhen houses 584 sets of transactions, a decline of 17.5%, slightly higher than the August week were 16072 transactions 16072 523 sets, in the middle level since May. Meanwhile, the average price of 60225 yuan per square meter of new home transactions, a decline of 14%. A total of 1674 sets of second-hand housing turnover, an increase of $16.7%, the average transaction price is still $57350 square meters, a decline of 0.58%, essentially flat with the previous. In the past three weeks, the data shows that the new premises in Shenzhen is still in the depth adjustment period, suggests the market game between volume and price changes, but 16072 compared to 6 in July has improved the market low. And the secondary market reaction faster, and the whole week transacted transaction price is rising. Shenzhen property market adjustment of new houses, second-hand housing rebound trajectory throughout the August market has also been reflected. Comprehensive Shenzhen Municipal Committee and the Central Plains of Shenzhen, the data show that by 3.

61JDI will push flexible LCD panel, cost, better life – Sohu Technology|JDI will push flexible LCD panel, cost, better life – Sohu Technology1

JDI will push the flexible LCD panel, the cost of life, better technology journal – Sohu industry news 10 reported on the OLED panel against Samsung Electronics, the Japanese giant small size panel (JDI) Japan Display Inc will launch with resin film for flexible LCD panel products in 2019; on the other hand, JDI the research goal is to construct a OLED panel, can adapt to customer demand, LCD or OLED production system. JDI revealed the FULL ACTIVE panel technology development blueprint released in 9 earnings data, said it and a number of LCD panel supply chain jointly developed in 2017, four without borders (ultra narrow border) technology, in 2018 2019 to achieve low power consumption, thin flexible design (Flexible). JDI pointed out that, compared to the flexible OLED panel (pixel density) pixel density is about 400ppi, the flexible FULL ACTIVE panel up to about 800ppi, and flexible FULL ACTIVE in thickness and frame design will be comparable to OLED, and the power saving performance will be better than OLED, the life, the cost will be far superior to that of OLED. JDI also pointed out that the development of OLED will continue in the future, at present is to determine the difference in technology and production process technology, construct can adapt to customer intention, whether it is OLED or LCD panel to a stable supply system. Japanese media reported on newswitch 10, stage OLED compared with the liquid crystal panel has the advantage of high degree of design freedom, and can be bent, so that apple and Samsung (Apple) has signed a contract, expected part of iPhone models on sale in 2017 will use the OLED panel, but was held in May this year in the United States of San Francisco (SID Society for Information Display) display bendable flexible liquid crystal panel technology in Northeastern University Professor Long said, "Ruo Yejing continued steady evolution of the panel, apple started selling the iPhone in 2018 a comprehensive change back to the LCD panel is not zero." (by MoneyDJ news authorized Reprint) read: for more information, please pay attention to the WeChat public account: Technews Science News